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Piccolo supports several ASGI web frameworks out of the box - just use the piccolo asgi new command and it will create you a new web app (see the docs).

A Piccolo user recently asked for help integrating with BlackSheep, which is a promising looking ASGI web framework. I decided to add support for it within Piccolo, so it's now an option when using piccolo asgi new.

Some interesting features of BlackSheep are:

  • OpenAPI support - BlackSheep can automatically create OpenAPI docs from the type annotations of your endpoints, similar to FastAPI.
  • Performance - some of the BlackSheep internals are implemented in Cython, which should help deliver good performance.
  • Flexible design - endpoints can be class based or function based.

Check out the docs for more details.

Posted on: 10 Jun 2021

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