Piccolo has a bunch of videos on Youtube, which are a good way to get started. Here's a selection.

Piccolo Projects and Apps

This video is a great introduction to Piccolo, and how to build an application with it.

Piccolo with Starlette

This video gives a good overview of Piccolo in a finished Starlette app.

Piccolo Playground

This video explains Piccolo playgrounds, which are a great place to learn the query syntax.

Piccolo Admin demo

This video shows the Piccolo Admin app in action.

Shell and SQL Shell

This video introduces piccolo shell run and piccolo sql_shell run, which provide an easy way of querying your database.

Nested Select and Pydantic

This video introduces nested select queries in Piccolo, and how they integrate with Pydantic.

Schema Generation and Visualisation

Piccolo for Data Science Scripts

Easy Forms using Pydantic and Piccolo Admin

Making a powerful REST API, like GraphQL

Many-To-Many Relationships


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